Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basic Spaetzle Recipe

came with Silit Spaetzle Profi:

250g (~2 cups) flour
1 tsp. salt
2-3 eggs (depending on you preference)
100-200 ml (~1/3-3/4 cups) water

Mix first three ingredients with enough to water to make a smooth dough that just barely can't hold it's form any more. Then, beat the dough until you start introducing air bubbles (the dough will start to form a stiff mass in the middle of the bowl from the gluten development). Put the dough through a Spaetzle maker (in our case the Silit Spaetlze Profi) and let them drop directly in lightly salted simmering water. Spaetlze are done when the float. Scoop out cooked Spaetlze using a slotted spoon and put into warming dish or directly into bowl. Getting the consistency of the dough correct requires some practice since this is the trickiest part (and probably dependent on the method of making the Spaetzle). For the Spaetzle Profi, the dough should have a consistency such that it doesn't freely flow through the holes of the maker on its own but will just start to droop out of them.

Makes: 2 servings of Spaetzle

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