Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Unfortunately, there's no ham in it, but it does go great with smoked schwarzwaelder Schinken. Perhaps a ham beer to complement?

Source: Ye Olde Bread Blogge

  • 150g coarse rye meal or chopped rye
  • 150g boiling water
Pour water over rye meal, cover, and let stand over night at room temp.

Sourdough starter:
  • 125g whole rye flour
  • 125g water
  • 10g rye sourdough starter (hydration 100%)

Mix flour, water, and sourdough and let stand 18-24 hours.


  • 100g dark rye flour (type 1150)
  • 150g whole rye flour
  • 100g strong white flour
  • sourdough starter
  • rye meal soaker
  • ~350g water
  • 6g yeast
  • 10g salt

Proof yeast in ~75g of the water and mix with other ingredients. Fold for 5-10 minutes by hand. Desired dough temperature: 28C. First rise: ~1 hour

Pour dough into a lined baking tin, and let rise ~1 hour or until almost doubled in bulk.

Bake at 250C for 10 minutes, then reduce temperature to 190C and bake for a further 60 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 10 minutes in tin. Then, remove bread from tin and baking paper. Let rest 12-24 hours before cutting in order to allow the crumb to stabilize.

Bread turned out well--dark, mildly sweet, and somewhat sour. Next time, I would reduce the hydration a bit to firm up the crumb.

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